At Stars On Earth, a perfect amalgamation of classroom and co-curricular activities ensure that the toddlers enjoy coming to school and learning new concepts.
Some of our fun activities include:


● Circle Time
● Intellectual Development Sessions
● Story-Telling
● Yoga

Our multi-level kindergarten programs cater to the age group of 2-5 years with a curriculum focussing on the holistic development of the children:


● Play Group (2-2.5 years)
● Pre-Nursery (2.5-3 years)
● Nursery(3-4 years)
● Prep (4-5 years)


Each day at Stars On Earth is a celebration! We celebrate all the occasions with grandeur aiming to inculcate the cultural values in our Prideens.
Some of our events & celebrations include:


● Annual Day

● National days & Festivals
● Baby Shows

The harder I work, the smarter I get

Upcoming events



Events & Celebrations

Learn to Play, Converse with Confidence

The incredible results of our in-house children have fueled us to carry our facilities to greater platform where we will be providing services not only to our in-house children but to all who are interested. This project is basically initiated for grooming young minds and we aspire to deliver good results for ensuring better positioning in the education domain.....